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Kobo Leather Wallet


Silver Concho and Pink Stitch



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Kobo Leather Wallet, Silver Concho, Pink Stitch

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The Kobo Leather Wallet is a handmade billfold wallet. This simple wallet is natural, with a large silver concho and pink stitch.


Production Notes:

This designer billfold wallet was crafted from natural leather and was cut and tooled by hand. I used a silver concho and finished the wallet with pink thread.



The Kobo Leather Wallet features:

- Original design and quality craftsmanship

- 1 bill compartment that fit major currencies

- 4 card slots that can accommodate about 8 cards

- Pocket for coins and other items

- Silver concho snap button to close wallet

- Colors: natural leather, pink thread

- Approximate Dimensions: L4.5" x W3.5" (11.5cm x 9.3cm)


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